Team Nagi Newsletter – May 2020 (OWS is BACK!)

Team Nagi Newsletter May 2020 Hi Guys, Is it just me or is time passing by scarily fast ? I can’t believe I’m writing the blog for May already, who’d have thought this lock down business would prove to be such a time killer! Dare I say it but after moving... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – April 2020 (Appropriate loading)

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – April 2020 Hi Guys, Hope you are all keeping safe and well. This past month has definitely been a period where we have all had to accept the unknown and just keep taking one day at a time. What has impressed me most is the way... read more

Coronavirus Team Update – March 2020

Hi Guys, We are currently living through unprecedented times so wanted to take this time to write to you and give you my thoughts. As you can imagine I’ve been inundated over the past few days with questions about training, racing, squads, our training camp the... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – Feb 2020

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – Feb 2020 Hi Guys, Like Brexit, the theme for this month has been the impact of the coronavirus and the fact that we just can’t get away from it! It’s impact has spread far and wide and has already impacted two our... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – January 2020

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – Jan 2020 Hi Guys, Firstly congratulations on making it through January! This can be a tricky time for athletes everywhere for any one of a number of reasons. As a coach I generally see January in two phases based on athlete... read more

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