Coaching Services

I take great pride in writing fully customised training plans for the athletes I work with. This should take into account many factors such as the ability of the athlete, training hours available, work hours and family life. If you’re serious about your training and goals then a progressive customised training plan is the fastest way to achieve success.

At Team Nagi I offer three types of coaching services:

Full Access Coaching
£250/4 Weeks
  • This package is available for committed athletes looking for a close coaching relationship with unlimited coach access.
  • Fully customised training plan design
  • Weekly phone calls, emails, Skype or FaceTime
  • Use of online training platform
  • In depth daily/weekly training review
  • Training plan updates
  • Cost: £250 per 4-week cycle (minimum 12 week sign up)
  • + £100 for initial 1 hour coaching consultation
Customised Training Plan Design
£60/4 Weeks
  • This package will be suitable for committed athletes looking for a customised training plan only.
  • Full customised training plan design based on your chosen race
  • Cost: £60 per 4 week training plan cycle (minimum 12 week sign up)
  • + £100 for 1 hour coaching consultation
Swim Smooth Session
  • London Based 90min 1:1 session
  • Full HD stroke analysis
  • Stroke Correction
  • 8-12 week tailored training plan
  • For more details go to