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Hi Guys,

What a month October has been!

Finally, after what has seemed like an eternity the Ironman World Championships returned to Hawaii. I for one was chomping at the bit to see the action and it didn’t fail to deliver. It really was one of the best races I have ever seen.

This was largely because they finally separated the male and female races and held them on different days. Why it has taken them so long to do this is beyond me as it makes for such a much fairer race, particularly for the women. It also gives men and women the equal level of attention that they deserve on race day. As a spectator this was only win-win as it was double the action and more focussed action at that. The less said about the commentary the better! (Although Miranda Carfrae should be applauded)

We also saw 2 new champions crowned in Gustav Iden and Chelsea Sodaro. It really was amazing to see the Norwegian hype train live up to its billing, but it was Chelsea’s performance that really captured the imagination. For those that don’t know this was only her 2nd Ironman and she was also a Kona rookie, but even more impressive is that she won what many consider the world’s toughest race only 18 months after giving birth to her daughter Sky. An absolutely mind-boggling achievement that will inspire women and mum’s all around the world.  I didn’t really know much about her before this race but can only say I’ve become such a huge fan since. There’s a toughness and steely determination in her or ‘true grit’ style which was a joy to watch. I sense this tough girl is only just getting started.

Watching all of this unfold really was incredibly inspiring to watch, I know from the feedback from my athletes many felt the same way too. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder but the racing on show was nothing like I have ever seen. It has certainly fuelled my fire for the season ahead and know it has inspired many of you too out there too.

Time to crack on and get stuck in to those 2023 goals guys & girls!

 Race Results

 Ironman World Championships – Hawaii

  • Vicki Hill 
  • Splits: 1:14:01 swim / 5:50:25 bike / 3:47:59 run
  • Total Time: 11:01:41
  • 45-49 category

It’s taken a long time for our Singapore based Pocket Rocket to get back to her spiritual home of the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. A total of 3 years in fact due to covid. So, to see her get back there once again was a huge achievement in itself. But Hawaii can be a cruel unforgiving place. Many athletes who go there can be in the best shape of their lives and for whatever reason they just don’t find that form on race day. Luck plays a huge part in this and unfortunately for Vicki she had one of those days where the stars didn’t align for her. From the moment she got on the bike her legs just didn’t have it and the race was a struggle from that point onwards. Biking power was way down and then she just didn’t have her usually reliable run legs. To even finish when you feel like this is so impressive, it says everything about the girl that she kept just kept going. But to also finish 11th in the world is an outstanding achievement that should be applauded, you showed your class once again tough girl. When it does come together and it will, those girls ahead of you really will know about it.

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Ironman Barcelona

  • Neil Rowe
  • Splits: 1:21:06 swim / 6:50:32 bike / 5:25:57 run
  • Total Time: 14:07:36
  • 40-44 category

It has been a joy to train Neil for his first Ironman this year. He came to me early in the year having never even done a triathlon and asked me to train him for Ironman Barcelona. He wanted to do this one for the personal challenge but also to raise money for the hospital that helped his boys when they were ill as babies. In doing so he raised thousands of pounds for this very worthy cause and should be applauded. In a baptism of fire season, he conquered every challenge I put before him and grew exponentially from race to race. Then he put the icing on the cake with a typically gusty performance on race day to become an Ironman. Huge congrats Neil, I know how proud that lovely family of yours will be of you.

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Greece 70.3

  • Steve Phillips 
  • Splits: 35:31 swim / 2:34:16 bike / 1:25:26 run
  • Total Time: 4:42:12
  • 6th /187 in the 45-49 category

A low pressure hit out race for Steve at the end of what’s been a phenomenal season. He not only ticked the box at the Ironman World Champs in St George bit also qualified for the 70.3 World Champs in Finland next year. This race was just a bit of fun to experiment with a few things, but he still managed to find a solid performance producing the fastest run split of the day by quite some way…smokin!

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The London Marathon

  • Katrina Davison
  • Total Time: 3:35:30
  • 30-34 category

I don’t often sing about pacing, but this run performance was worth shouting about from Katrina. So much so I’ve included her run splits below! What this shows is one of the best paced marathon runs I’ve seen. This is so rarely ever achieved, the perfect negative split run. Not bad for only your second marathon that included a new 24min PB which also gained her a fast for age category slot for the 2023 race. Cheesecake well and truly earned ‘Twinkle Toes’!



Huge congrats to all our other runners below who have been on fine form this past month with some outstanding performances.

London Marathon 

  • Ian Leslie
  • Total Time: 3:20:14
  • 65-69 category

 Richmond Half Marathon 

  • David Rueda
  • Total Time: 1:41:11
  • 45-49 category

Ealing Half Marathon 

  • Simon Evans
  • Total Time: 1:34
  • 45-49 category
  • Ian Leslie
  • Total Time: 1:35:20
  • 65-69 category
  • Arnaud Marchal
  • Total Time: 1:45
  • 45-49 category

Podcast of the month

Chelsea Sodaro on The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

I didn’t really know a lot about Chelsea until her big win in Hawaii, so I decided to go back and find some podcasts with her ‘before she became famous’. I found this one quite fascinating as it took place a few months before her Kona win. This is a terrific insight into what motivates drives her and it includes an insight of how she has learned to juggle motherhood and training for one of the most demanding sports in the world.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 16.58.04

Film of the month

 Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 10.00.17

We are triathletes 

If you have ever dreamed or had the desire to race the most popular Iron-distance event on the planet, then this film is for you. For years Challenge Roth has been a firm favourite with athletes all over the world. No race creates an atmosphere quite like with more than half a million spectators coming out to support the athletes each year. This is a bucket list race for many, including the pro’s. This inspiring film follows 9 athletes who are training for this race. The name of the film nearly put me off watching but once I did it didn’t disappoint, well worth a watch on the turbo.

Instagram post of the month

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Team out & About


HUGE congrats to these 2 love birds on their engagement…whoop whoop!


HUGE congrats to these 2 love birds on their first home…whoop whoop!


I’m not leaving until ALL this is finished..nom nom nom


“And here we have the sea creature known as Anna John in her most natural habitat”


Gets about this swim hat…guess the pool?