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Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – October 2021

Hi Guys,

It’s been so great to see so many of the team comeback into training only during these few last few weeks. I say only because it is clearly evident is that a longer end of season break has been needed by many of you after 2 turbulent years. From what I’ve seen this extended break has done many of you the world of good and motivation is now sky high for 2022. Many of you will still need longer and that’s absolutely fine. When the time is right you will feel that surge of motivation knocking on your door and that’s the right time to get the ball moving once again.

The question I’ve asked all athletes coming back into training this year has been to have a very clear vision of what they want to achieve in 2022 and what kind of performance they will get excited about. The reason for this is because it sets up the end point for creating a very special journey. Once you understand what that destination it’s so much easier to start the process of ‘reverse engineering’ to help work towards that goal.

With all that’s gone before us recently I think the message is clear for 2022; think big as the world starts opening up. There is nothing more exciting or motivating than having big goals to work towards. If we have been taught one thing from the experiences of the last two years is that we should grab each and every opportunity with both hands and always appreciate the moment.

I felt particularly inspired this month by two terrific quotes I read that I wanted to share with you in relation to the above. Both quotes came from 2 legendary coaches, the first coming from Mel Marshall (Coach to Adam Peaty):
“It’s all about falling in love with the journey to reach a destination. Even if you win or lose at the end of the destination, the journey you create to get there is always something you will look back on and think to yourself my God I’m glad I took the opportunity to do that.” 
The second came Teddy Atlas whilst commentating on the extraordinary Tyson Fury – Deontay Wilder trilogy fight (Coach to Mike Tyson):

“Hats off to both fighters for showing us again that man when driven, when possessed with a special purpose can go to places never seen before and by doing so teaches us all. That not only more is possible but it’s also necessary for us to always be searching to find more, to find places to uncover, to search out. So that when this journey called life comes towards the end we know we’ve gone as far as we could.” 

Both quotes are powerful and beautifully worded reminders of why having a goal is so important. There is nothing more life-affirming than being on a journey that is specific to you. It’s what motivates and excites me as a coach and there is no greater reward than helping to guide someone’s journey.

So ask yourself that question now…what is 2022 all about for you?  Think of it as having a blank canvass to paint a picture on, it all starts here. Then when you finally look back on 2022 hopefully it will be a year to be proud of.

Team race news

Cowman Standard Duathlon (European Qualifier) 

  • Steve Phillips 
  • Splits:  41:07 run / 1:07:26 bike/ 20:13 run
  • Total Time: 3:15:12
  • 2nd in 45-49 category/ 15th overall
  • Next up: IM Portugal 

Ironman Portugal  

  • Steve Phillips
  • Splits: 1:09:42 swim / 5:49:21 bike/ 3:30:30 run
  • Total Time: 10:41:35
  • 45-49 category
  • Next up: Ironman South Africa

To say Steve has has a run of bad luck year would be a huge understatement! After a bad crash at IMUK, he was hit with his 2nd bout of symptomatic covid just before the race in Portugal. Definitely not firing on all cylinders he was still prepared to show his metal and roll the dice anyway. With his symptoms I was gobsmacked he actually finished the race and finish it so well. To go 10:41 when you can’t breath properly just shows the potential here. Keeping everything crossed for you for the 2nd roll of the decade at IMSA in just a few weeks! Let’s hope you can find some of that brilliant form which led to the 2nd place finish at the Cowman duathlon just a few weeks before.


New Betty Designs Ambassador – Connie Tram!


Just wanted to say a huge shout out to Team Nagi athlete Connie Tram who was selected this month from thousands of female applicants to be a Betty Designs ambassador for 2022! I know how much this meant to Connie as she has been in love with that brand for quite sometime (you want to see the wardrobe!), along with many other women around the world. If ever there was a shining example of how much what you wear can empower you I’d say this brand shines head and shoulders above the rest.

Check Connie out on Instagram at trmster12 for all the latest Betty Gear!





“For me, I’ve always loved kit from Betty Designs. Whenever I wear their kit, it makes me feel strong, capable, and good about myself. Growing up, I never played sports. And in my 30’s after my career came crashing down, I tried to salvage what was left of myself and I discovered triathlon. However, being naturally very un-confident, somehow wearing Betty Designs always gave me that little bit of something extra.. that feeling whereby maybe I, too, could be fierce and powerful.
So when the opportunity came to apply to the Betty Squad, I jumped at it. What I found was that beneath the brand was a community of strong, determined, and resilient women from all walks of life. These women not only pushed themselves out of their comfort zones in sports and in life, they empowered other women to chase their dreams, challenge their limits, and reach for the stars; they were women who lifted each other up. This, for me, was amazing and meaningful because after 2 years of feeling very isolated due to the pandemic, it gave me a sense of belonging and a desire to go after my dreams again. Who knew positive energy could be so infectious! And so the fire was stoked once more”.

Book of the month

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 11.26.14

Coming up for air: Tom Daley

I’ve always been a Tom Daley fan because he has that rare quality of being a great person & great athlete at the same time (unfortunately the 2 are not always synonymous!). I’ve also very much admired his bravery that he has demonstrated time and time again over the years. The hugely insightful book is a warts and all look at the things he has had to deal with and how he has overcome them. What’s particularly fascinating was the build up to the Tokyo Olympics where he finally won a gold medal. It was actually 12 months where everything went wrong for him, he broke his wrist and then had to have knee surgery and things were looking extremely doubtful. But a change in training focus i.e less focus on volume and intensity and more focus on strength work, gyrotonics (yes it’s a thing – google it!), Yoga, stretching and meditation were key to his success. He describes why as an ageing athlete (27) these things were crucial to his success. A great lesson to all triathletes out there!

Podcast of the month – Mark Cavendish

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 11.40.26

The High Performance Podcast with Mark Cavendish

Love him or loathe him you will hear Mark Cavendish talk openly like never before on this brilliant podcast. This is the first time that he has ever talked about his battles with depression, mental health and illness. Mark well and truly brings all his barriers down in this fascinating interview and it will help so many people out there who are struggling with their own issues. The vulnerability on display should only be applaud from this triple A-Type personality. A must listen for all.

Instagram posts of the month