The end of a very special era…

Hi Guys, my blog this week takes a slightly different direction.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that The Park Club, my base for the past 17 years, will close for 9 months on Sunday 16th July. It will re-open in April 2018.

The family run club has been bought by David Lloyds and will undergo an £8million refurbishment in that time. The good news is that I will be staying in London, just moving what I do to a different location whilst the refurbishment takes place.

The new venue during this 9-month period will be David Lloyds, Heston, West London. It’s slightly more West of The Park Club but easily accessible by car. It has 2 glorious 25m indoor and outdoor heated pools, see images below:

My Swim Smooth swim squads will also be moved to the new venue. They will re-start on Monday 4th September.

New squad times are shown below:

– Monday swim squad – 11am – 12 

– Wednesday swim squad – 11am -12

– Wednesday swim squad – 8pm – 9pm 

– Friday swim squad – 11.45am – 12.45pm

– Saturday swim squad – 7.15am – 8.15am

I will now be taking a 5-week break from swim coaching and video analysis work, returning to work at the new venue from Tuesday 22nd August. I’m happy to take bookings anytime for after this period.

For those of you that have been to The Park Club you will understand what a special place it has been. I look back on with a tremendous sense of pride. So many of you have started your triathlon or swimming journeys here with me.

To think it was 17 years ago I first walked into the club to start my first ever job as a personal fitness trainer only seems like yesterday. I then quickly became hooked on triathlon and realised that we had the most amazing location for me to develop the sport at the club. My goal was always to share my life-changing journey into swimming & triathlon with as many other people as possible.

What I’m hugely grateful for is the number of people who decided to follow me on this journey. There is no greater reward for a coach than this. To say I’m proud of what we have achieved at The Park Club is a huge understatement. There are so many amazing memories that will live with me from this special era. Hope you all enjoy the images I’ve posted below. They tell magical tale of a made it so special – the place and the people.

Change is never easy and we all know how unique this time at The Park Club has been. What I am sure about is the changes will be for the better. The club has needed it for quite some time and based on the discussions I’ve had with David Lloyds the new club will be breath taking. It is also clear how important it is for them maintain the unique feel have The Park Club that you all love so much.

A big thank for being part of it, an even bigger thank to all of you that will be staying on this journey with me. It means so much.

Have a great summer and look forward to seeing you all in September.

Very best