Team Nagi Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2018

Hi Guys, Hope you are all well (and avoiding the dread lurgy) leading into the Christmas period. It’s a joint Nov – Dec newsletter as we didn’t have any athletes racing last month. We did however have two athletes racing at Ironman Western Australia... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – October 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – October 2018 Hi Guys, The end of October is usually the time that I take a big sigh of relief as our triathlon season comes to a close in the Northern hemisphere. The relief is less because the season has come to an end but more... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – September 2018

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – August 2018

Hi Guys, I came across this brilliant quote recently. It comes from former pro Ironman athlete & coach Gordon Byrn: “Protocol does not matter UNLESS it is supported by a habit of personal excellence” Another world-class coach followed it with this:... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – July 2018

Hi Guys, July has been a huge month for the team in many respects. We had athletes racing right across the board over a range of distances with some terrific performances. One thing I will never tire of seeing is when someone takes that big step into the unknown and... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – June 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – June 2018  Hi Guys, June has been a big month for Team Nagi racing as you will see below. What was wonderful to see was so many people raising their game and so many first-timers taking the plunge at a range of distances. We are... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – May 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – May 2018 Well what an extraordinary month of racing it’s been for Team Nagi athletes…I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath! May has definitely been one of those months I wont forget in a hurry, largely due to... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – April 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – April 2018 Hi Guys, The race season well and truly kicked off this month for Team Nagi athletes. There have been some terrific early season race performances covering a multitude of events all around the globe. We’ve also... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – March 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – March 2018 Hi Guys, Despite being well and truly battered by the weather here in the UK this past month I’m pleased to say that many of our athletes are starting to develop some tremendous training consistency. The end of March... read more

Swimming – Are you suffering from I.A.S ?

I.A.S = Inhibitory Analytical Syndrome  Sounds nasty doesn’t it? You might even be sitting there reading this not know you are suffering from it. It is the scourge of the swimming world and left un-diagnosed it can lead to much suffering and mental anguish.... read more

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