Team Nagi Newsletter – June 2019

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – June 2019 Hi Guys, It’s been a huge month of racing for the Team, our biggest yet for 2019. There are been some amazing race wins & plenty of podiums so well done to all of you that have put yourself out there and reaped... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – May 2019

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – May 2019 Hi Guys, May has been an awesome month for the Team for two reasons, firstly race season has exploded into life with some terrific early season performances and secondly we’ve just got back from phenomenal team... read more

Slow down to speed up

Slow down, to speed up I want to tell you a story about a foolish young athlete I once knew. This guy came into the sport about 20 years ago with a very limited endurance background. In his first year he actually did pretty well, this included running a 35min 10k off... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – April 2019

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – April 2019  Hi Guys, It’s that time of year when we start to nail down the details to prepare you for racing. Hopefully you will be coming off the back of a good quality off season and now you’re ready to reap the... read more

Team Newsletter – March 2019

Hi Guys,   It’s getting to that time of year where race season is fast approaching! If that doesn’t set the butterflies off in your stomach then I don’t know what will. This time should be a time of great anticipation and excitement as we head... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – February 2019

  Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – February 2019 Hi Guys, Hope you are all feeling fit & well. If my hay fever is anything to go by I’d say spring is nearly upon us! It’s been a relatively quiet month for the team with only 2 athletes... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – January 2019

  Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – January 2019   Hi Guy, It’s with great excitement that I write the first Team Newsletter of 2019. There’s a new season coming thick and fast and I very much look forward to seeing what’s ahead for all of... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2018

Hi Guys, Hope you are all well (and avoiding the dread lurgy) leading into the Christmas period. It’s a joint Nov – Dec newsletter as we didn’t have any athletes racing last month. We did however have two athletes racing at Ironman Western Australia... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – October 2018

Team Nagi Coaching Newsletter – October 2018 Hi Guys, The end of October is usually the time that I take a big sigh of relief as our triathlon season comes to a close in the Northern hemisphere. The relief is less because the season has come to an end but more... read more

Team Nagi Newsletter – September 2018

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots... read more

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